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Day 5:



Welcome to Day 5 of the mindfulness challenge. Wow, you made it! Congratulations! Aren’t you excited?

Today we’re going to be talking about the wonder and beauty of mindful relaxation.


It’s very easy to go through life feeling RUSHED.

Moving from one thing to the next, not stopping to THINK, to breathe, to reflect. Always hurried, never peaceful, always moving, never RESTING.

A person that never stops will eventually BURN out. Crash. Collapse.


Mindful relaxation allows you actually to LIVE your life and to LOVE your life honestly.

To be at peace

to stop and APPRECIATE the things you already have.

To enjoy the PRESENT.

When you implement mindful relaxation, your days become peaceful and JOYFUL.


Set aside 5 minutes to practice mindful relaxation. Of course, you can go longer but start with just 5 minutes.

Choose a comfortable place to sit, whether that’s on a chair or outside on the grass.

Take several slow, mindful breaths, experiencing the air moving through your throat and mouth. Feel it fill your lungs.

Do a body scan. Are there any areas of tension? Try to breathe into those areas and let them soften and relax.

Take note of the things happening around you. Do you hear birds singing? People talking? Cars driving? Concentrate fully on those sounds.

Don’t judge them or wish they were gone. Observe them.

Feel your surroundings. Feel the seat or ground under you. Feel the wind brushing against you and the sun warming you.

Let the sensations of simply being wash over you.

Continue to breathe slowly, attending to each breath as comes in, being fully present as it goes out.

As your time comes to a close, stay fully present. There is no rush or hurry with mindfulness.

The more time you can make for this practice throughout your day, the more at peace you will be.

Please share your experience. Was it hard for you to simply “BE” for 5 minutes? How did you feel after the time was up?

Congratulations on completing the challenge!


Here We GROW!

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