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DAY 3:


The Power of Saying, “Thank You”


Welcome to day 3 of the gratefulness challenge. I hope you found it helpful to do some gratitude journaling yesterday.

Today we’re going to be talking about the power of saying, “Thank you.” This can totally change the way you experience life.



It’s two simple words that change everything.

Thank. You.

That’s it. A phrase we take for granted. A sentence usually reserved for when someone holds the door for us.

A phrase we say far too little.

Can you imagine how it would change your life if you constantly said, “Thank you,” to people?

If you took every opportunity to thank people? If you…

  • Thanked a coworker for a prompt reply to an email
  • Said a heartfelt, “Thank you,” when your boss let you go home 30 minutes early
  • Thanked your spouse for cooking a delicious dinner
  • Gave your kids a big hug and thanked them for cleaning up their toys
  • Were full of gratefulness when a family member called to check in

Being thankful to others profoundly changes the way we go through life. When you’re constantly thankful to others, it fills your heart with joy and helps you live in a constant state of gratitude.




Today, make every effort to say, “Thank you,” to others.

Match the practice of noticing with the practice of gratefulness to others.

Try to notice at least TEN things you can thank someone for. They don’t have to be big things. Give thanks for even the smallest ways a person helps you or brings joy into your life.

You’ll discover that the practice of gratitude completely changes your relationships with people.

They’ll be much more receptive to you, much more open, much more willing to share their lives with you.

And you’ll simply be grateful that they’re in your life.

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful practice. A practice so powerful that it can change your relationships forever.


Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the powerful practice of gratitude affirmations.


Until then, please share your experience with constantly saying, “Thank you.” Was it difficult at all? How did people respond? Were there any unexpected responses? Send me your answers.


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