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DAY 1:


Become A Noticer


Welcome to Day 1 of the gratefulness challenge. Today we’re going to be starting with the very simple practice of noticing.


A grateful heart is a heart NOTICES good things that are already present. In other words, when you’re grateful, you’re constantly seeing all the good that you have in your life.

You’re not constantly frustrated about what you don’t have.

Not constantly searching for the next thing you’re going to get.

Rather, you’re always on the lookout for good things that are coming into your life. And when you notice these things, you give thanks for them.

A delicious meal…

A gorgeous sunset…

A car that you love…

A peaceful walk with your loved ones…

Friends who make you laugh and love…

If you want to be grateful, you must regularly be noticing all the good things, big and small that come into your life.

When you do this, your heart will be filled with gratefulness.



Decide today that you are going to notice at least TEN things that you are grateful for.

Start noticing as soon as you wake up. Make an effort to notice something you’re grateful for within the first five minutes of waking up.

If nothing comes to mind, simply be grateful that you’re alive! You’ve got another glorious day to live, another day to experience wonderful blessings, another day to be filled with joy.

The moment you notice something, give thanks for it. It can help if you audibly say, “Thank you for [insert thing you’re grateful for.”

By saying it out loud, you’re actively reminding yourself of the good that has come into your life.

You shouldn’t have any trouble noticing ten things to be grateful for. If you get to ten early in the day, go for TWENTY! The more you’re grateful, the happier you’ll be.

Okay, now it’s time for you to practice noticing and being grateful.

And stay tuned for tomorrow because we’re going keeping a gratitude journal.

See you tomorrow!


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